Jumat, 10 Juni 2011

Winona by Manba

Since I was spending too much time for RL and kinda abandoned my blog , I decided that I deserve a little shopping spree. I began my search through several shops and I came across to one cute store called Manba. I saw so many great stuffs on that shop, but there's one outfit that really caught my attention. This precious outfit is called Winona. :)

Winona by Manba consists of flowery skirt, jacket, shirt, shades,  bracelets and necklace. :) I love love love this outfit. It is simply incredible and very effortlessly easy to look good on this outfit. Though I could wish to have seperate belt and skirt so I can modify them easily. I know they have the resize script for 2 different objects, but it's not that handy to use.. :P Blah.. Not a big deal for a lazy bum like me. lol.

The shoes I am wearing is also called Winona, but this awesome pair isnt included in the set. It is sold separately. :) To make this outfit to look even more perfect, I pair up with Folie D'ete by Vanity hair and Vendetta nail by Gems and Kisses.

Pose by Frozen Panty (New Release)

Happy Weekend! :)


Amita Yorcliffe

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