Jumat, 10 Juni 2011

LOTD - Beigewoba

Yay! Weekend is finally here!! Meaning I can sleep in for hours and I will have a chance to finish my SL homeworks. Anyways, I was flicking through my eventory today and I discovered a little gem among scattered pile of folders. Yes, I found a cute little tube top called Border by Halcali. :) I found this top very easy to use and modify since it has a built-in resizer script. It also comes in several colors to fit your preference! The downside is I needed to flatten my boobs to fit into the top part, I could just resize the outfit to be bigger, but it will look loose on the sides. Oh well, its not hard to flatten up a lil bit to fit in this beautiful tube top. :D

Of course I couldn't leave this awesome top alone by itself, so I started to dig into my inventory and voila! Here's my LOTD!! :P

Complete styling card:
Top: Border by Halcali
Pants: Linen Pants by {SMS}
Jacket: 4 Minutes by [SG*]
Hair: Rush hair by Lelutka
Shoes: K.I.A in Raw by Lelutka
Nails: Vendetta by Gems and Kisses
Earing and Necklace: Goddes & Minerva by Gems and Kisses

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

Amita Yorcliffe

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