Sabtu, 12 Mei 2012

Pink Goodness!

Dress: Starline - Mesh by Bliss Couture [NEW!]
Hair: Mandy by Bliss Couture
Hat: Aradia hat by Bliss Couture
Pose: Sleek by Amita Yorcliffe

Bliss Couture is celebrating their 4 year annivesary by having a Bliss Mesh Collection Fashion Show! - Details as follow.

Amita Yorcliffe


Bliss Mesh Collection Fashion Show

Four Year Anniversary
Mesh Collection Fashion Show
May 13th at 11am
Bliss Couture Mesh Collection will be the theme of the Fashion Show, directed by Kay Fairey, Miss Bliss Couture 2011, that will be held on Sunday May 13th at 11am at the brand's flagship store.
Innovation and formal elegance, beside passion for creativity are our trademarks since the first days of the label, founded four years ago. This is the reason why we celebrate our anniversary launching a totally new collection, entirely made of mesh evening gowns.
You are cordially invited to join us during the Bliss Couture Mesh Collection Fashion Show and discover the brand's new magic. A preview of the Collection will be in our main shop from Friday May 11th.
All the informations about the 4 Year Anniversary Events and the Bliss Mesh Collection will be announced in our inworld group, sub-o-matic and blog.
Amutey DeCuir
and Bliss Couture's Management Team

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