Jumat, 27 Januari 2012

Vintage 20's Theme! :)

(Vintage 20's - Cocktail Party)

Fur Jacket: Berrow Tweed Coat by S h i (Maroon and black)
Prim fringe: Cherie by Donna Flora - (Maroon sequin)(Retextured - Recolored - by me)
Shirt: Created and textured by myself - (Maroon sequin)
Prim skirt: Secret - Donna flora- (Maroon and black) - (Retextured - recolored - modified - by me)
Shoes: Rosea by Donna flora (black)
Necklace: Willa by Donna flora
Hair and Hat - Cloche hat by S h i (pearl white)
Makeup - Mina by Donna flora (Aqua)
Nails: Vendetta by Gems and Kisses

Wearing a vintage outfit is like being in love-hate relationship. I love it when I can get the styling right, I hate it when I can't get everything in order and look okay. After spending hours and hours, I am pretty happy with the result of these 2 stylings I did for Avenue Academy exam. Thank god I passed the exam \o/.

(VINTAGE 20's - Chic Sportswear)

Tops: Bowshirt by Coco (White)
Sweater: Wbutton Poncho Knit dot by C'es La Vie (black and white)
Skirt: Misty by Donna flora (black and white plated) (Retextured - recolored - modified - by me)
Bag: Desperado bag by Lagyo (black and white)
Makeup: Mina by Donna flora (Purple)
Hat and Hair: Wide brim by S h i
Ring: Diamond Fan Ring by Paper Couture
Shoes: Posh bootie by Gos
Nails: Vendetta by Gems and Kisses

Photography by: Badon Rain

Amita Yorcliffe

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