Jumat, 09 September 2011

Modavia Fashion Week - Media Event

Hi everyone. :) I hope all of you had a great day.. Today I am going to share my amazing experience at the Modavia Fashion Week 2011 - Media Event.. Basically we got to see a preview from every participated designer going to offer during MFW 2011.. I have to tell you that everything looked outstanding and I just can't wait to see the entire collections from every designer..

Blackliquid wearing Modern Gypsy - schedule: 11 September - 11am

Cherie Parker wearing Orage Creation - showcase: 12 September - 2pm

Chizkara wearing Sonatta Morales - schedule: 13 September - 1pm

Di wearing Glam Affair - schedule: 10 September - 2pm

Di wearing Magoa - schedule 14 September - 3pm

Jesika wearing Indyra - schedule: 12 September - 4pm

Queen wearing Vogue - schedule: 14 september - 1pm

Sora wearing Azul - schedule: 13 September - 3pm

Amita Yorcliffe

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