Sabtu, 23 April 2011

Sensiva from [NeuroLab Inc.]

Ono Zinner did it again!! Yes!! New creation at [NeuroLab Inc.]!! I was amazed by his creativity in creating this newest outfit called Sensiva..  I saw the release through flickr and I went to the store immediately to grab them.. :D I bought the full set of Sensiva which consists of a sexy latex suit, ears, hairs, ni**les & pu$$y attachment (LOL!!).. I can't say much about this outfit, I just fall in love with it.. <3<3

I also added some accessories called Cyber Collar X-2!! Awesome chocker and upper arm bangles that match Sensiva.. :D Hmm I also used a hair attachment from Baiastice called Moira hair to give some dimension to the full outfit.. For the makeup, I am using Milly Lipstick - Cyan from Baiastice and EXTREME eye makeup from OhOhUp...

Oh yes! Dont forget to check the shoes as well.. It is called Xtrema Ankle V3.. Awesome heels that go with almost any outfit.. Yes!! Anyyyyy!!

Anyway.. what are you waiting for??!! here's the limo for you:[NeuroLab Inc.]:

W/ love,
Amita Yorcliffe

Photo courtesy of Kira Castiglione

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